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7 februarie 2007
O2 anunta aici:

Wilkommen, bienvenue and welcome to more relaxed phone calls when youre in Europe .

Introducing My Europe Extra – a great way for you to save money if you travel regularly to Europe. For just 10 a month, youll be making some hefty savings:

  • No more paying to receive calls* when youre in most countries in Europe
  • 25p a minute* to make calls back home and to
    other selected European countries whether you call a mobile or a
    landline, any time of the day or night, and whichever network you
    connect to.

Get My Europe Extra the way you want it. Choose from either:

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  • 1 months worth, to fit in with when youre going away
  • A rolling subscription, which you can then cancel whenever you like (minimum of 1 month)

With My Europe Extra, you can use your phone just like you normally do.


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